Streamline Group Orders with a Company Store!
A company store provides a convenient solution for placing group orders, allowing each team member to select their preferred company-branded merchandise. Managing large orders for multiple employees can be a daunting task, but a company store eliminates the hassle and ensures your employees look fantastic in custom branded apparel.

What is a Company Store?
A company store is a user-friendly custom ecommerce platform that showcases your logo and can be tailored to offer specific products to your employees or group. The best part is that a company store saves you and your staff valuable time by simplifying the process of determining individual preferences, sizes, collecting orders, tracking payments, and organizing distributions. It's the most efficient way to handle group orders.

Advantages of a Company Store
- You have control over the products and colors available for selection. 
- Ordering and payment collection become hands-off tasks. 
- Distribution is a breeze as each order is labeled with the employee's name, eliminating the need to figure out who ordered what. 
- No more awkward conversations about sizes. 
- Employees can order their desired items in the right size whenever they're ready. 

The most successful company stores: 
- Add new products to align with different seasons. 
- Provide employees with incentives to purchase company products, such as discounts or gift cards. 

Important Details: 
Who covers the cost of the items? 
Many companies offer employees incentives for purchasing company branded apparel, which can take the form of a store discount applied at checkout or a gift card. If the employee spends more than the incentive, they cover the difference. If they spend less, the company is only charged the employee's amount. 

Shipping options: 
Orders can be shipped to a single location, multiple locations, or directly to employee homes. 

Store fees: 
There are no upfront costs to set up a store. However, quantity discounts are not available for stores, as the cost of creating and managing them is covered through regular pricing. 

Store setup time
Once we receive the list of products you wish to offer, a new store can be created within a few days.