Dye Sublimation


Dye sublimation clothing is a process of printing designs on fabric using a special dye and a heat press. The design is first printed onto a transfer paper, and then placed on the garment, which is made of a polyester or polyester blend material.

The heat press is then used to apply high heat and pressure, causing the dye to turn into a gas and bond with the fabric fibers. This results in a vibrant and durable print that is embedded within the fabric, rather than sitting on top of it like other printing methods.

Unlike traditional screen printing or embroidery, dye sublimation allows for intricate and full-color designs, making it an ideal option for sports teams, athletic apparel, and outdoor wear. It also allows for a greater range of fabric choices, including polyester and other synthetic materials, which are ideal for moisture-wicking and breathability.

The advantage of dye sublimation clothing is that the design will not fade or crack over time, and it allows for highly detailed and full-color prints. It is commonly used for sports uniforms, custom t-shirts, and other apparel items.